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What is YouTube and its benefits

What are YouTube and its benefits
Youtube is a social media platform, where people upload videos and share them with their friends, people share funny videos on YouTube.Youtube is a social media platform that everyone uses in their mobiles. We can also watch YouTube on our mobiles and can also watch YouTube on our computers. Beer is a separate app and we can also do it on the browser.

If you also want to upload videos to YouTube, then you have to create an account only then you can upload videos on YouTube without an account when you can not hurt a movie, but without creating a counter, you can watch videos and all those You can watch videos of him by putting his name in the search engine . In 2019, YouTube has become very popular, YouTube plays 3 to 4 hours in every single person's mobile to watch videos. 

 No one can match that which is at the top of the social media platform.If you do not know how you can play YouTube on your mobile or how to watch videos on YouTube, t…
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How to reduce obesity in an easy way

Friends, like obesity, every person has a disease, nowadays 90 percent of the 100 people are obese and all of them are very upset with the problem of obesity. Let us tell you that the main reason for obesity is our food today.

Today we will tell you in this article how you can reduce your obesity and how to stop your obesity from growing further. If you adopt all the methods we have, then your obesity will reduce very soon and you will be very slim and thin. If a beautiful person starts appearing, then friends, let's start this article today.

How to reduce obesity in an easy wayFriends, when you lie down after eating food, and no one gets up in the morning to go to workout or gym, then due to this, the fat in your stomach starts to build up, due to which your stomach becomes flat and you feel fat in everyone. Do not bother to walk after eating food and go straight to bed and if you want to reduce obesity, then you have to adopt the methods given below.
1. Gym - Friends, a research ha…

How to prevent a mobile hang

Friends, all of you will definitely have a Smartphone and nowadays the problem of hanging in the smartphone has become common, so today we will tell you how you can save your mobile from hanging. This occurs when storage becomes full.

If you talk about old smartphones, then there is very less storage in them, due to which your smartphone becomes full and hangs quickly, if you have a smartphone with less storage then today we will tell you some ways that will help you You can free your mobile's storage and save it from hanging.

If you complete this article of our day, then you will understand everything how you can save your Smartphone from being hanged, so let's start friends.
 How to prevent a mobile hangBy the way, the days of the very best smartphone market are lodged, but the price of those smartphones is very high, due to which we cannot get a good smartphone or mobile, for that we have to work from our old smartphone and It hangs a lot, many times it is hanging during our i…

What is fiverr and how to make money

Hello friends, how are you, I hope all of you guys will be awesome, then you must have heard a lot from me  about the Fiverr  website and you must have heard that people are rolling on this website and that Even sitting at home, yes friends, this is absolutely true and you too  can earn by bringing home from Fiverr  .

On this website, anyone can start earning money by creating their new account and you will not have to pay any money for that, friends, in which article we will tell you the complete information of the Fiverr website and will also tell you how to earn money from it. You can stay connected with our article, we will give you complete knowledge, so let's start the article.

What is Fiverr and how to make money Friends  Fiverr website, which is located in the United States of America, it is a very large freelancer website on which you can do your favorite work, here a lot of people come to get their work done. can take and it works you will not have far to go to work in a m…

Download Youtube Videos In 5 Ways

Friends, all of you must have played Youtube from me and many of you will want to download your favorite YouTube videos on your mobile but you will not know about how to download YouTube videos on your mobile.

So friends today, we will tell you how you can download the video of your favorite Youtube on your mobile and you can see from it, you read our article completely, with the help of which you will get full knowledge of how to download YouTube video.

5 ways to download youtube videos
 In this article, we will tell you how you can download YouTube videos in 5 ways which are very easy and anyone can do it, follow all the steps given below, with the help of your favorite YouTube videos Download will be done in 1 minute, so let's start friends.

5 ways to download youtube videos

1. Snaptube
Friends, many of you will know about the Snaptube App, from this app you can download any YouTube video in your mobile, if you are an Android user, then you can download it from the Play Store. This a…