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Top Short Quotes of life to reflect

Life is like a box of chocolates ... You never know what you can touch" —Forrest Gump. In this article, we have compiled the best Quotes of life to reflect and think. 

They are more than 100 thoughts of the most influential authors in history such as Albert Einstein, Groucho Marx, William Shakespeare, Bob Marley, Henry Ford, Nelson Mandela or Leonardo da Vinci.

These texts will help you see things differently, to inspire you and to mature. In them, you will find nuances of optimism, friendship, love, motivation, overcoming, joy and more moods. 

Many of these short life Quotes will sound to you since we have taken them out of songs and movies that you have undoubtedly seen.

What comes to mind when you lie in bed to think? Long-term plans? The person who you love? Maybe your friends? Thoughts about yourself about your strengths, fears and aspirations? 

Actions that you are proud of or that you regret? And ..., most important of all, are you aware that these images are part of your reality? In the same way that we have created a list of reflection Quotes, we encourage you to make your own. 

Thus, you will help other people to think about the beautiful (though sometimes hard) life we ​​live. And if you want, you can share the images on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp, or leave your own thoughts in the comments. We have not chosen any particular order, so we recommend that you read them all.

The best Quotes in life to think about

Men unable to think for themselves do not think at all.
Oscar Wilde
Life is not about finding oneself but about creating oneself.
George Bernard Shaw
Short Quotes of life to reflect - Life is not about finding oneself, but about creating oneself. 
They say that luck arises proportionally to your sweat. The more you sweat, the more chance you will have.
Ray Kroc
What you do for you fades when you die. What you do for the rest makes up your legacy.
Kalu Ndukwe Kalu

You will never reach success by elevator, but using the stairs.
Joe Girard
This phrase of Girard allows you to appreciate how hard life is to reach the top of a professional career to achieve your goals. With it, we receive a good dose of reality. If you need motivation for your personal and professional challenges, don't miss our incredible selection of short success Quotes.

There is no better teacher than the most bitter experience of oneself.
Happiness is not achieved through the absence of problems, but by facing them.
Steve Maraboli
If you do not like something, change it. If you can not change it, change your mind.
Short life Quotes to reflect on - If you don't like something, change it.  If you can not change it, change your mind.
Life is straightforward, but we strive to make it painful.

When opportunities don't knock on your door, build one.
Milton Berle
Before speaking, think, but before thinking, read.
Frances Ann Lebowitz
Life is a kind of bicycle. If you want to keep your balance, pedal forward.
Albert Einstein
In life, nothing and no one should stop us or hinder our dreams. We must move on to seek complete happiness. Discover in the following article, other useful short and inspiring self-improvement Quotes.

Short Quotes of life to reflect - Life is a kind of bicycle.  If you want to keep your balance, pedal forward.
We spend the money we earn on jobs we don't want to buy things we don't want, to impress people we don't want.
Will rogers
Thinking is comfortable, acting is awkward, and putting thoughts into action the most complicated thing in the world.
Learn from the mistakes of others. You will not live long enough to commit them all.
Groucho Marx
Emerging from nothing, we reach the highest peaks of misery.
Groucho Marx
If I had followed the established rules, I would not have come to anything.
Marilyn Monroe
Whether you think you can or not, you will be right.
Henry Ford
If you don't like something, change it. If you fail, change your attitude.
Maya Angelou
Short life Quotes to reflect on - If you don't like something, change it.  If you fail, change your attitude.
When you say it is complicated, it indicates that you do not have enough strength to fight for it.
Life is not about finding oneself but about creating oneself.
George Bernard Shaw
We feel the addiction to our thoughts. We will not change anything if we do not modify our own opinions.
Santosh Kalwar
Real-life goes beyond the idyllic. This phrase of life tells us that we must leave the comfort zone in which our subconscious is to change things.

5% of people think, 10% say they believe, and the rest prefer to die rather than reflect.
Thomas Edison
An independent mind is not based on what you think, but on how you feel.
Christopher Hitchens
Great thoughts appeared as he walked.
Friedrich Nietzsche
If you imagine it, it is real.
Pablo Picasso
Life is subject to change, but growth is optional. Be smart with your choices.
Karen Kaiser Clark
Stop thinking and solve your problems.
Lao Tzu
Making mistakes in life is not only honourable, but it is also more useful than doing nothing.
George Bernard Shaw
Whoever has power over the media will control the mind over the rest.
Jim Morrison
This phrase from Jim is extrapolated to our daily lives, which is quite sad. If you look at your daily routine, you will realise that we are controlled by television and social networks.

Everyone's friend is nobody's friend.
For Aristotle, friendship was a concept with exceptional value. He defined 3 types of friendship: the interested one, the one who only seeks pleasure and the perfect one. Discover in the following article, other short and beautiful friendship Quotes.

It's not that I failed, I simply ran into 5000 wrong paths.
Thomas Edison
Chase your dreams or someone will pay you to pursue theirs.
Farrah grey
Short life Quotes to reflect on - Chase your dreams or someone will pay you to pursue theirs. 
I don't talk to anyone but myself because I only accept my own answers.
George Carlin
I don't know what the key to success is, but I know the key to failure: try to please all people.
Bill Cosby
Turn your hobby into your work, and you will not work in life again.
There are failures of people who gave up when they were stroking success.
Thomas Edison
You will never progress if you don't skip the rules.
Frank Zappa
Think for yourself and allow others to enjoy the same privilege.
The world, as we know, it is the result of our thinking. We will not change it if we do not modify our thinking.
Albert Einstein
Everything fades in the face of death. There is no reason not to follow your heart.
Steve Jobs
Deliberate as long as you need, but when you have to act, stop thinking and make a decision.
Do not judge a person by their answers, but by their questions.
If we think that everyone is similar, it is because we all think alike.
Scott Westerfeld
Many people find countless reasons as to why they fail to devote themselves to what they want when they only need a reason as to why they can.
A person's spirit is dominated by his deepest thoughts.
Bruce Lee
We are what we think. We become our thoughts.
The difference between failure and success lies in the will of the heart.
Lolly Daskal
Short life Quotes to reflect on - the difference between failure and success lies in the will of the heart. 
Our words are limited by what we think.
Jonathan Price
It is not more productive who has more, but the one who least needs.
It is possible to be productive by having little.
Boris Kovalík
With the head, one thinks, but with the heart, one knows.
The human being is born with intelligence but must learn to think.
Edward de Bono
We reach a conclusion when we are tired of making a reflection.
Jill Shalvis
Thinking is hard work, so few people do it.
Henry Ford
To follow a dogma is to live according to the thought imposed by others.
Steve Jobs
Life is a tragedy for those who only feel, but a comedy for those who think.
Horacio Walpole
Thinking is simple, acting complicated and starting up the most painful thoughts of all.
Individuals who think to learn from both success and failure.
John Dewey
Learning from mistakes is essential for us to grow and develop as people. These motivational Quotes can help you lift your mood if you need it, don't miss it!

Revolutions are the consequence of someone's thought.
Ralf Waldo Emerson
When you want something, the universe conspires to get it.
If when you are alone, you feel alone, you do not have a good company.
Jean-Paul Sartre
Short life Quotes to reflect on - If when you're alone, you feel lonely, you don't have a good company. 
I only know that I know nothing.
I was always productive because I don't need money for my happiness.
Paulo Coelho
There is no greater force in this universe than will.
If you want to be truly loved, you must first learn to love truly.
Those who pretend to pretend that they know everything are really the most ignorant.
Take care of your body, but don't forget to take care of your soul.
Celebrate your achievements, but don't forget to learn from your failures.
To be happy, focus on the small details and set aside the high ambitions.
In this life there is something much better than money: it is called health.
Anyone should be free to choose their own destiny.
Your most valuable asset is not your money, but your time, so don't waste a single second of your life.
The problem is not to make a mistake, but not to accept it.
To achieve success, the first thing you need is to trust yourself.

If you reveal your secret to a person, you will become his servant for a lifetime.
The more complicated a challenge presents itself, the higher the glory.
Short life Quotes to reflect on - The more complicated a challenge presents itself, the higher the glory.
A wise man not only learns from his teachers, but also from his disciples.
Patience is the key to getting everything you want.
The greatest gift you can give yourself is to enjoy the moment.
Don't have dreams, have goals.
Life is not about collecting the fruits that you reap every day, but about the seeds you sow.
Despite the difficulties, in this life, there will always be an opportunity for you to achieve success.
If you want to move on, stop reading the last chapter of your life and start writing the next one.
To succeed, study the rules of the game well and play better than the rest.
Celebrate every moment and, thus, there will be more moments to celebrate.
Making mistakes is natural in man, but it is more to blame others.
Happiness is not thought, it is lived.
Forget about the life you had planned and start living what you have in front of you.
It is only possible to live safely when you accept that you will have a life of insecurities and decide to cope with them.
Stop dreaming and get going to get what you want.
Life is beautiful and sweet precisely because it is unpredictable. If not, it would be grey and dull.

True romance arises when you learn to love yourself.



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